Click Here to view the 2024 Nike Steel City Freeze Schedule!

There will be NO results computers at the facility so please have the link on your phone or mobile device.


All matches will be best 2 out of 3 to 25 points. Third set to 15 points if needed.
In pools of 3 that will not have a crossover match, you will play ALL 3 SETS to 25 points
All teams will receive a minimum of 5 matches during the event, and a minimum of 2 matches on Sunday. Sunday may either be bracket play or an additional pool.
All gold matches on Sunday will be a bracket.
This formatting is the most efficient way to get everyone out of the convention center as early as possible.

Matches will play ahead after the first match of all teams on each day.


2025 Nike Steel City Freeze Wave Schedule:

AM WAVE (8:00am) : TBD
PM WAVE (2:30pm) : TBD


Two-way tie breakers will be determined by Head-to-Head results.

Three-way tie breakers will be determined by Match %, Set %, Point %

No tie-breaking sets will be played